One of the greatest challenges that today’s Western societies face is their radical demographic change resulting from the expanding human lifespan. The larger group of older people prompts a thorough reflection on the ways in which we experience and organize human life, more specifically, on the cultural meanings of the aging process, the theories and policies on aging. The European Network in Aging Studies (ENAS) facilitates sustainable international and multi-disciplinary collaboration among all researchers interested in the study of cultural aging.nnENAS’s inaugural conference was held in Maastricht (NL), 6-9 October 2011.
The European Network in Aging Studies (ENAS) was first established in 2010 within the framework of the project “Live to be a Hundred: The Cultural Fascination with Longevity,” funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) in the program Internationalization in the Humanities. A description of the founding project can be found here.nnThe founding members are:n
  • Center for Gender and Diversity (Maastricht University, NL)
  • Center for Inter-American Studies (University of Graz, AT)
  • Women, Ageing and Media Research Group (UK)
  • Grup Dedal-Lit (University of Lleida, ES)
  • NISAL (Linköping University, SE)
  • German Aging Studies Group (DE)

The associated partners from the USA were the National Women’s Studies’ (NWSA) Aging and Ageism Caucus and the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) Age Studies Discussion group.nnWhen the NWO-funded project came to an end in 2013, the European Network in Aging Studies was re-launched as a formal international association with seat in Graz, Austria. The North American partners built a parallel network, called North-American Network in Aging Studies (NANAS). With this further institutionalization of age and aging studies research collaboration, ENAS and NANAS continue to facilitate sustainable cooperation among existing and new partners. nnInformation on the organizational structure of ENAS can be found in the ENAS Constitution.

Experts’ Meeting at the University of Lleida (Catalonia, Spain), 8-10 April 2013.

From left to right: Kriebernegg, Medina, Ivan, Oró-Piqueras, Swinnen, Trinkaus

From left to right: Kriebernegg, Medina, Ivan, Oró-Piqueras, Swinnen, Trinkaus

Executive Board 2019-2021

Chair: Loredana Ivan (SNSPA, Bucharest)
Deputy chair: Ulla Kriebernegg (University of Graz)
Executive director: Raquel Medina (Aston University)
Deputy executive director: Aagje Swinnen (Maastricht University / University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht)
Treasurer: Eva-Maria Trinkaus (University of Graz)
Deputy treasurer: Maricel Oró-Piqueras n(University of Lleida)

Academic Advisory Board 2018-2022

Josephine Dolan (University of Gloucestershire)
Ricca Edmondson (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Andrea von Hülsen-Esch (University of Düsseldorf)
Loredana Ivan (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration Bucharest) - till mid 2019 when she was elected as a chair of ENAS.
Rüdiger Kunow (University of Potsdam)
Emmanuelle Tulle (Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland)
NANAS representative: Cynthia Port (Coastal Carolina University)
ENAS student representative: Susanne Christ (University of Gießen)
Winner 2017 ENAS PhD Award: Hanne Laceulle (University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht)

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